Businesses of all sizes are moving to mobile technologies to evolve their operations and expand their customer reach. The popularity and usefulness of mobile applications has cemented them as a significant outlet for enterprise.

User preference and increased business requirements impact directly on the trends in mobile app development. If you are planning on building a mobile application for your business, then you need to be prepared with evolving mobile app trends such as the following.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and machine learning are dominating the mobile app development trends that make our lives so much easier. Giving user commands directly to the device is becoming the norm. Business can automate complicated operations and increase productivity by identifying user preference, user specific suggestions and simplifying online businesses.

Instant Apps

With increased complexity and intelligence within mobile applications, more space and processing power are required from the operating device. Cloud based applications and ‘Instant Apps’ are hosted, rather than locally installed. These apps require less from clients’ hardware and simplify access – anywhere for any user, in real time.

IoT Powered Apps

­­­­­Home automation is a real time example of technology providing a convenient environment for users to connect to a number of services in a centralised way. IoT or The Internet of Things, allows smartphone users to control many electronic devices, fast becoming a preferred choice of development practice for mobile app developers.

Wearable App Development

With almost a billion connected wearables, the trend has been growing towards business’ adapting the technology into their ecosystem to provide customers with a continuous, seamless experience. Smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers and wrist scanners display this trend. Using IoT services, all of the activities that the user performs in a day can be tracked and reported upon effortlessly.


Mobile app development is changing as quickly as its users’ expectations are, an application from five years ago will not be competitive in the market today. More lightweight, cloud-based solutions in tech continue to push us towards an effortless, interconnected society.

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