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Did you know some multimillion pound businesses are still using handwritten notes and WhatsApp to communicate? Due to everchanging technologies some are still reluctant to make the change into the modern world and use Field service management software.

Field Service Management Software is a platform in web, app or system form that provides tools which are necessary to improve the efficiency of field workers and the delivery of services to customers.

Due to the increase of more affordable software and the times changing to use technology more, more businesses have opted in to use SMS for their daily operations. 

It helps optimise the performance of your team

Another challenge businesses face is dispatching problems which lead to scheduling overlaps, mismatching of technician skills to ordered jobs, and inability to serve urgent requests.

Service management software enables you to track the whereabouts and job status of each member of your team. If a job arises in the same area as a worker for example, both costs and time can be reduced by assigning this job to them instead of having another worker travel to the area. 

Managers/supervisors can create job sheets within their software as well. A job sheet is a document that helps your workers to complete their job. They usually include instructions for the worker on how to complete the task. Depending on your company’s circumstances, a job sheet could include important information such as the time it takes to perform a job and the required material costs. 

Improves the quality of your work 

When a business has all their documentation handled in Excel or on paper, it does not provide necessary analytics needed to control the workflow and overhead. This could lead to data being duplicated or missed. Furthermore, there are risks of losing your customer base if a worker decides to leave or retire.

Your software can contain all your business related information into one convenient database, this provides the opportunity for each member of your team to access any information they may need at any time. Additionally, this can prevent any work being hindered due to incorrect/missing instruction. 

In addition, duplicated data which may occur will be eradicated as all your sheets will be stored in one place thanks to accounts integration software. Unlike a manual system, there is no need to re-enter the same data on your invoices, job sheets or any other document. The account software will take care of it for you. 

It helps reduce your business costs

A common concern faced by businesses on field is uncontrolled fuel consumption and mileage due to the absence of tracking, unoptimized routing, and cheating.

Using route optimisation software, ensures field engineers are delivering an adequate return of investment. This software allows managers to assign tasks to nearby team members, reassign jobs to decrease travelling time and costs, and automatically reorder jobs to follow a more efficient route. 

To conclude, the fast-moving integration of technology into business is unavoidable and the amount of benefits it provides to businesses is undoubtedly favourable. Service management software not only promotes time efficient working, it additionally serves a cost effective solution to you and your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how Service Management Software could benefit your business, please contact us.

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