We’re here to support your business with a range of services and expertise in modern software development. Our team can build modern ERP systems or modernise your systems which cover every area of your business – operations, sales, marketing, finances, employees and more.

Modern Software Technology

Modern tech stacks reduce maintenance fees, improve security, promote system flexibility, improve speed of both processing and bug fixes, and allow for accurate analysis.

Improved integration

Having a system built in the latest software languages that is compliant with the most up-to-date IT landscape allows for seamless integration with 3rd party software and Saas products promoting growth and features.

Focus on higher value business processes

Simplify and/or automate laborious admin tasks with innovative software solutions allowing you to focus more on the business-vital tasks. With intelligent data processes and easy-to-use UI, see all of your most important business data at a single glance and view real-time reports in a single click.

Adapt to the evolving marketplace faster

Markets are changing at a faster pace than ever before and it’s critical to evolve with the times to stay competitive. Our in-house business consultants and expert developers create business solutions that optimize business performance promoting increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Let us start creating your system today

Streamline essential business processes

Reduced maintenance costs

Review business-critical information in real time

Ease management of your business

One-click reports

Better understand customer needs and patterns

Adapt to the evolving marketplace

Cutting edge security

We ensure the latest technology is available to all, from micro-businesses to large corporates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Beacon Solutions handles all your business applications, IT, web development, and mobile app development so you can focus on your business.