Cybercrime – Is my business fully protected?

It’s more important than ever to be protected from cyber crime. According to a government cyber security breach survey, 46% of micro and small businesses identified security attacks or breaches within the past 12 months. - among this 27% were attacked at least once a week and 22% needed new cybersecurity measures. They also found

AngularJS: Depreciated, not dead

Long the leader, and at one time the only superheroic front end JavaScript framework for the web. AngularJS or "Angular 1" as it is now sometimes referred to, took web development to the next level. Google; A staple choice for over a decade, long term support from it's open source community, and backed by its

Stack Development – Which type should my business be using?

At Beacon, it’s important for us to meet the changing demands in an ever changing software environment. This is why our development team consists of full stack developers. A full stack web developer is a person who can develop both client or frontend and server or backend software. In addition to mastering HTML and CSS,

Field Engineer
The Benefits Of Using Service Management Software in Field Engineering

Did you know some multimillion pound businesses are still using handwritten notes and WhatsApp to communicate? Due to everchanging technologies some are still reluctant to make the change into the modern world and use Field service management software. Field Service Management Software is a platform in web, app or system form that provides tools which

Warehouse Management Software Blog
Improving Warehouse Efficiency with Management Software

Deployed at scale, using RFID technology in warehouse operations could deliver $100 (£73) billion to $160 (£117) billion in cost savings. Additionally, revenues of between $60 (£44) billion to $100 (£73) billion.Whether it's the distribution of essential PPE or the delivery of construction materials, logistic operations have proven to be a key part of saving

Whats New for Mobile Apps in 2021

Businesses of all sizes are moving to mobile technologies to evolve their operations and expand their customer reach. The popularity and usefulness of mobile applications has cemented them as a significant outlet for enterprise.User preference and increased business requirements impact directly on the trends in mobile app development. If you are planning on building a

Trending Software Design Patterns

Software development practices change just as quickly as the applications in which they help create. At the heart of software is the design process, determining the architecture, scalability and overall function of a solution. Here are a few software design trends that are sure to take off in 2021. Backend-for-Frontend One of the newest software

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